MMM.TV $1000 Christmas Give Away!


Get Kirik J to listen to me for 9 minutes and you can have $1000 cash.

It's that simple.

I'm a long time MMA.TV member who's spent the past 9 years developing a high yield portable corn and bean grow system designed specifically for those hardest hit by suffering - women caring for children alone.

That's it.

There is no money in this for me, ONLY for you.  This is not a business for me, water flows one way - out of my pocket and into the mouths of the hungry and into the hearts of my old friends as they have fun on Christmas.

That's it, nothing hidden.

Get Kirik to call an old friend about feeding women Refugees in Africa (I don't think that Kirik's freakishly tall genes came directly from Dutchland) while sending another of our long time buddies - Jim Olsen, who lost his wife to cancer years ago - to the holy land over Christmas; and give $1000 to Tuptim's medical account while giving one of my globe trotting buddies a chance to have some crazy fun because he loves to travel and I don't have a passport and he's always after me to go somewhere.  

There is a picture of the $3000 bank draft on my website, which is my screen name as well.

That's it.  

The crazy wackiest thing that any of you have ever heard for the most pure reason that Jesus could think of - because I love you all.  It's a fun Christmas present for everyone.

Get Kirik to call me and he decides which of you gets $1000 US for Christmas.

It's that simple


PS - I might be Frank or Lorenzo or both so don't piss me off by trying to find me.  Be a buddy and bump this thread for me.  Thanks.

Merry Christmas, I do love the UnderGround!



this should be good.....

 I just want Kirik to read an e-mail. I'm easy to please.


OK, I was talking to Jesus and here's the deal:

To random, simplify if.  $1000 is too much money randomly, it scares people.


New Rules!

$900 to send Jim Olsen to Israel

$1000 to Tuptim's medical fund

$1000 to long time forum member Shane Tucker for Christmas

and $100 to anyone who can get Kirik to call me to get these three people their money for Christmas.

A picture of the bank draft on my web site.

That's it.   The fist one to do the impossible - talk to Kirik Jenness - get's $100 US on Christmas day.

Let the game begin.

Please bump this thread, Chris if you or another moderator are around please sticky this at the top.

Merry Chrismas all!


Honestly guys, the first thread that I see in this forum is 6800 post long about the forum being no fun.  I try to GIVE away $3000 there and no one will talk to me - so you want insane, I'll give you insane.

For $100 US on Christmas day can you talk to Kirik Jenness?

That's all that I can do.


Each year on this day, the Hansen family celebrates the birth of Jesus, Nigerian prince.


Sagiv Lapkin -  I just want Kirik to read an e-mail. I'm easy to please.


ttt my merry christmas kirik thread. he already posted

what in the fuck