mmmh hawkeye should love this

check out this weeks ESPN Power special note to teams number 14,15 and 20but please no one look at number 1(and i know that's ERic's team not Hawkeye's but i figured hawkeye would love 14&15)

Whoever did the write-ups for that doesn't know what the fuck he's talking about. That whole list is goofy anyways, IMO. The Yankees are #9, although they received a last-place vote? Milwaukee needs offense, even thought they're 8th in the entire league in runs scored? Teams OTHER than the Expos got last-place votes??


Of course the Cubs have won every game since that was written.

all i know is pirates are ranked 14th on that list so whoever the 11 voters are are alot smarter than most

the only "ranking" that matters is in the actual standings. last time i checked, the cubs were in first place.