embrace the hate Cena

Kane's promos are unwatchable Phone Post

lol, i like it for some reason

R they trying just trying to get every one behind cena again? Bc I don't think it's gonna work Phone Post

nice little brawl lol

This only further proves they need to turn Cena heel. It's getting so old and stale. They actually had to re-package Kane, (or bring back the "old" Kane) just so Cena has a "fresh" heel to have a program with Phone Post

Sofa King Cool - I'm really losing interest in this shit.

I haven't missed a show in 15 plus years. But fuck. It reminds me of the dying days of WCW. Phone Post

^ yup Phone Post

Does otunga only drink coffee Phone Post

I wanna see Socko Vs The Cobra at Mania lol Phone Post

I'm not little Jimmy, I'm big Johnny lol

Edge HOF

Barry_BondsMVP - Edge HOF

Hell yeah. And they'll announce one more tonight. And I'll be in Miami for the whole thing Phone Post

that's going to be sweet RR

lol backstage vignettes with Kane stalking Ryder.....creative must have the night off. Phone Post

Barry_BondsMVP - that's going to be sweet RR

I bet Christian inducts him. Phone Post

Radio Raheem - 
Barry_BondsMVP - that's going to be sweet RR
I bet Christian inducts him. <img src="/images/phone/apple.png" alt="Phone Post" border="0" style="vertical-align:middle;"/>

I can't think of anyone else that would...

Daniel Bryan Danielson completely puts the crowd to sleep. They guy is a good worker but they definitely rushed to put the title on him way too soon. They should have done the whole boyhood dream storyline/overcoming all odds. That would have worked much better and could have gotten the fans behind him. Phone Post

he's turning heel

Can Broadus Clay please have a Shockmaster type moment!! Not sure why they're hyping him up so much. Is he gonna be bigger or did he have gastric bypass? What do you think? Phone Post