what the actual fuck?

 this is great


Worst.....Gimmick.....Ever Phone Post

a godfather gimmick?

what's the over/under on this gimmick?  3 weeks?

i got the under

Actually I change my mind....I kinda like it lol Phone Post

he looks like a young uncle Phil

i love the chocolate ladies though

The website will need to be updated now...

He straight up stole Mark Henry's underboob game. Phone Post

Does any one besides me realize that Brodus clays theme song was Ernest the cat millers during his stint in wwe lol Phone Post

I'm assuming the Godfather and 2Cold Scorpio turned the WWE down for a return so this was there option for Brodus Phone Post

 that was the best thing they could have done with Brodus imo

there's a little Dude Love in there too...

I tune in for 2 minutes and I get Brodus Clay dancing and Punk checking out Rosa's ass??? WTF am I watching here

I'm going back to my New Japan DVD...

 Totally worth the build-up. His comments during the match were the best part.

Laurinitis has fulfilled his promise to bring the excitement.


The white fat flash funk

RSHONE05 - Can Broadus Clay please have a Shockmaster type moment!! Not sure why they're hyping him up so much. Is he gonna be bigger or did he have gastric bypass? What do you think? Phone Post

Am I allowed to talk to myself? That was more embarrassing than the shockmaster incident. Wow!!! Phone Post

Jack Schwagger