Mnthly Fights in Kansas City

Beginning Feb. 21, 2004 there will be MONTHLY fights in the Midwest's newest home for fighting athlete's - NEXT LEVEL - Sports & Fitness. For more information go to This 15,000 sq ft gym will house the midwest's best amatuer Golden Gloves, Muay Thai, and MMA fighters with Pro. events coming soon. For more information call 816.761.4258



Jeff when you start doing pro-shows I have someone who would like to compete against you in a kickboxing match in my gym.

To be brutally honest I am getting tired of constantly hearing run his mouth and I would love to see you bring him back to reality so if you get things going well enough drop me a line at


A guy by the name of Tom McCloud.He has potential to be a decent fighter but instead of actually training he just sits around the gym and talks about what a great amateur boxer he was and how he would ko everyone in existence.He's had 3 mma fights.He won the first two and then lost to Travis Wiuff when he was taken down.To his credit though Tom did bust open a coupel of small cuts on Wiuff before he was taken down and the fight was stopped prematurely.The fight was only about 35 seconds.Tom came out blasting Wiuff with punches,Wiuff got a takedown and eventually got full mount and threw 3 puinches and the ref stopped it.Jeremy Horn was in Wiuff's corner and even said it was stopped early.

He wants me to try and get him into K-1 because he feels he would excel better at a sport where he won't be taken down.I told him he'd have to work his way up by fighting some recognisable fighters such as Jeff Ford,George Randolph and John Dixson.He says all of those guys are bums and he would knock them out in the first round.I really like the guy but sometimes I get tired of hearing about it.The guy does have heavy hands and decent skills.He's been working his kicks for about a year now but his vocal abilities have surpassed anything he's ever physically done

He also says Tye Fields is a bitch and he would knock him out as well.

Tom's claim to fame is beating Derrick Roddie(sp?) as an amateur.I'd like to see him against someone of Mr ford's caliber to let him know where he's really at.

He is one of many who states they want to fight me. It goes with the game - speaking of Roddie, I am suppossed to be fighting him in May in KC. Somebody wanted me to fight him so I am taking the match just to get some fights in my home town as I have rarely fought here. He is more than welcome to come watch and speak to the promoter about a match - i can get him the promoters number if he would like - lol. Hopefully within 6 months of the shows I will do a pro card. To tell you the truth, I am looking to import fighters for the cards to match against some of the local fighters who have no credible fights under their belt yet claim to be undefeated. that is a big deal with me, not to embaraess them but to show them that the fight game is larger then here in KC and if they want to continue they have to fight REAL competion.

sounds like a sweet deal.Please keep us updated

ttt for Jeff Ford. Class act all the way.

Need input - I am hosting a regional Am. boxing tornament on March 27th at my gym - what do you guys think about a Midnight Mayhem - Mauy Thai and MMA event afterwards - only about 4-6 bouts. Start at midnight and end at 2-3am. Let em know ASAP.

cool!! Jeff, Give me a call..

It will be a Golden Gloves Prelim for the Golden Gloves tourney. Tickets are $10 and there will be 15+ fights.


Miller, as an ex-teammate of Derrick Roddy, I can't really understand why anyone would feel that beating him was a brag worthy event. Roddy was a tall rangy guy with decent power who had little heart and esentially no chin. Derrick benefited greatly from the fact that he had a decent trainer in George Smith and the also from the fact that he was a teammate of Randy Carver's. Your teammate is a highy confused soul if he feels that there is anything of comparative value between Derrick Roddy and Tye Fields.

Jeff Strickland - send me an email with you number,


shoot me an e-mail jeff,

Chappie,I think that depe inside Tom McCloud is really insecure and unsure of himself so to cover this up he comes off as a loud mouth braggart.I think he considers any win an accomplishment at this point whether it be against a world champion or a bum of the month club member.I'm sure you've run across other peopel like this before.They constantly surround themselves with people who will tell them how great they are to feed their own egoes

NO Pro-fights - just Amatuer, also need 3 sets - if you are within driving distance then let me know - i wil reimburse gas, and I cover hotel & food. If you have a fighter or want to fight send me info asap - I do need 1 guy at 185 with 2-3 fights.