mo betta cutting, cuz you luv it..

I produced the loop. and I was sharing it with a friend from Oregeon that I chat with who also happens to scratch. he disappeared for a hot minute... then finally he got back to the IM conversation.. "dude. I had to cut to that beat"

that made me feel good, cause this kid is nasty as hell, and becoming pretty well known in the turntablism world...

anyhow? whatcha think... dasBeav... since you're the only person who comments on my shit anyhow;)

which I thank you for...much appreciated.

You must remember you're dealing with a turntablism dope here. Before I listen, what do you mean by you produced it? You came up with the groove or you mixed it or something?  Secondly, when he cut to the beat does that mean he jammed over it or took it to use in something he was working on? I'm not up on the lingo.

*right click and save* 

That rocks man! What a great groove. How do you go about making something like that? Is it all done on turntables?

" since you're the only person who comments on my shit anyhow;)"

LOL, sometimes I feel that way. Its not that I think my comments are worth anything, I just like to hear what people are doing thats new and interesting.


I made the beats... he just scratched over it... some call it "freestyling" like the rap thing. I'd equate it more to jazz and improv performance. he's making up those patterns as he goes.. he may have in mind some ideas, "i'm gonna try this here.. and then this combo here.. " but its all thrown together right then.

as far as how it was made.. very easy. I sent him a link to my mp3, just the instrumental... he probably sent the output on his computer through his dj mixer...

and then scratched over it.. sending the feed out the mixer back into some recording device.. a mini disc... his computer.. something... then he got it back to me.

so yeah, he just jammed. like the Dead... all improv. you've got innate tools, you use them.

thanks again for your interest


Cool stuff. Is there any way you could post what you did and what he did seperately?

I can post the beat by it's self.. I don't think he multi tracked this.. but.. if he did... I'm on it.

Neat! I think I'll steal it too.

it's all free

all I'd want is credit when speaking or writing about it;)


I don't mock your music bro...

and "yo yo yo" might work on some rap shit.. but this isn't rap.

I came up with a cool little vamp for that beat, if I ever get time to finish it...

hook a brother up if you ever get it encoded.. I'd be more than happy an honored to host what ever it is you bring to the table :)