Moar pictures (one topless) of Rousey in Maxim

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                                Moar pictures (one topless) of Rousey in Maxim

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                    <p>Early last week, released a select few pictures of Ronda Rousey's photoshoot with them they didn't make the issue and revealed the cover:</p>

186_rondarousey_sl3  186_rondarousey_sl4 186_rondarousey_sl1 186_rondarousey_sl2

With the issue now for sale on newsstands, a few new images from inside the magazine are now available for your view pleasure:







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oh has it been five minutes?

too top heavy. On the back side to not the front. She aint got no ass. Such trickery


What happened to the olympic rings tattoo on the front of left hip?

movies and photo shoots, don't think she'll be fighting much longer.

I would have sex with her Phone Post

The photographer should have had her smile more. Her smile is one of her best qualities. Phone Post

Reminds me of Chyna Phone Post 3.0

sooooo photoshopped. This is hilarious.

Her smile is definitely one of her heart qualities. She can be so damn pretty at times.. Phone Post

Best qualities. Sorry. Phone Post

they really need to do something with her stringy hair during these shoots it would make a big difference.

Tate is way hotter.

WFA - mods please move to don't give a fuck ground.

HexRei - sooooo photoshopped. This is hilarious.


They made her look a little smaller than she really is.
More feminant!! Cuz in reality she looks like a hot shemale hehehe

if you just saw this in a magazine, you'd have no fuckin idea it was Rousey

But does she squat? Phone Post