Mob of 500 tries to burn prisoner to death- Brasil

Dayummm...............she lived




Lynch mob throw a woman onto a BONFIRE after breaking her out of a police station where she was held over the death of a two-year-old boy killed in a fire in Brazil 


  • The 30-year-old was being held on suspicion of arson after allegedly starting fire
  • Angry mob stormed the police station and dragged her outside
  • Cars were set alight and the woman was flung onto the flames
  • Police say she suffered serious injuries and has been taken to hospital

A furious crowd threw a woman suspected of killing a two year old boy on a bonfire after an angry mob stormed a police station in Brazil.

The 30-year-old woman was dragged outside after the 500-strong group broke down the doors to her cell.

She was being held on suspicion of starting a fire which claimed the life of a toddler. 

A five-year-old child, named Marlon Buzaglo Campos, also suffered serious burns in the blaze, Globo reports. 

Cars around the police station in Novo Aripuana were set alight, and the suspect was dragged by her hair onto the roaring flames.

Overrun officers had to call for backup during the raid, which saw the woman seriously injured...............






That's hot

"It's wrong to hurt or kill another human being! DIE!" - Toxoplasmosis

She disappeared into the flames


god damn

Now for all those SJW's with the America Was Never Great signs - move your asses down to this part of the world. 



Trifive - 

Not watching.  Seen someone burn before in person.  Doesn't leave your mind. 


She doesn't die. She is actually running away at the end. She just got some serious burns.

Also, I don't know where she got it done, but her hair looks AWFUL!!!!

If she killed that child by throwing him on a bonfire.....i cant imagine the agony that child suffered before death mercifully took him.

So....if true, while this is barbaric, I'll allow it.

Tumeric, saw palmetto, And stinging nettle to start?