Mobile al mma

just curious if there's anything close to here-gym, school group, hell even individual. moving to mobile for job and cant seem to find quality training-partners or otherwise-also i see a few promotions going on north of here...have only technically had sport jiu jitsu and wtf (i know but we gotta start somewhere) kickboxing matches respectively. have been looking around but simply havent had the opportunity to get onboard any amateur mma...but ready to go, so if anyone needs a 185-200lb first timer please let me know. currently 195 but can cut to reasonable lower weight if neccessary for a spot. ill be around the board. thanks in advance to any who reply.

I got a buddy that trains with some guys down in mobile. I don't know anything about them really, but I'll try and get the info for you.

thanks bro. that would be great. i just met a personal trainer who does conditioning and nutrition for a couple guys who fight out of gulfport ms. hes trying to hook us up but thats tentative at the moment. any info appreciated.


I'm getting ready to move to Mobile in the next few months.

Did you ever find a mma school?

Team Slaughterhouse is at I65 and Springhill Ave.  They are a newly formed team combined of Broadway boxing and Adriano Lucio BJJ.  A couple of pro boxers, lots of BJJ guys, a couple of kickboxers, 1 guy form Iowa who coaches the takedowns.  They are about to build a new facility and they are going to start putting on some shows late this summer.

World Martial Arts is a BJJ school and they also have Muay Thai a couple of nights a week.  Lots of blue belts and a couple of purple belts to roll with.  They usually have 10 to 20 people at all of their BJJ classes. 

If you need anymore info or are interested in training with any of these teams let me know and I can put you in touch with them.

Both of those sound very interesting and exactly what I'm looking for.

I'd like to see which nights they train on, and what prices are involved.

Thanks for the help.

"which nights they train on, and what prices are involved."

Slaughter HOuse trains on tuesday & thursday nights at 5:30, as well as, saturday morning at 9:00. They are supposed to have the new place set up at the end of June and will be training more.

World Martial Arts trains BJJ at 6:30 on tuesday & thursday nights, as well as, saturday morning at 12:00.
Muay thai is I believe on Monday and Wednesday night not sure on the time though.

Neither place does contracts and they are both very inexpensive.


Can you shoot me an email at with their numbers or emails.

Fulks you got mail.