Mobile Strike

Does anyone else play this money grab of a game? I've been playing for a few months and got sucked into buying a couple packs... I've met more than a few people that have well over $10k sunk into this game in the last year. I don't get it. How can people afford to play games like this? 10k is a fucking car or a hell of a lot of upgrades to your home. I'm in the wrong business, apparently. I know people spending 2-300 A WEEK to play. Craziness.

There used to be a game called world war, a real basic game, no graphics. I remember people spending 8K buying other people's accts. Chitunes (black market iTunes) points would be purchased thru a dealer. You'd get $500 worth of points for $150. Real sketchy shit because you were giving your acct over to some random stranger. I've spent a few grand on it. Then they canceled the game and closed the servers down