Mobility WOD

is anybody experienced with this? Im listening to Kelly Starrett on Joe Rogans podcast right now, and i'm LOVING it. Its completely filled with information. I'm thinking about subscribing to his website, but just thought id check and see if anyone here has used it or thinks its bullshit or whatever.

It's the shit. His new book is the bomb too.

"I mean he's an idiot because he's a crossfit guy" -the OG Phone Post 3.0

his book is legit

The site is awesome.. any problem you have, just type it in the search bar and tons of videos pop up with exercises and mobility drills. You will need a foam roller, lax balls, and some voodoo stretch bands to do a lot of his stuff. Phone Post

Awesome thanks for the reviews guys. If you wanna watch the podcast its here

Subd...sounds great! Thanks for the info, will look into it for sure.

VTFU Phone Post 3.0

Ironically I have the book being delivered today. Was going to thumb through it to decide if I should join the site. Phone Post

I haven't joined his new site yet. I'm working my way through the book. I've done a lot of the freebie stuff on his site. It has helped a lot. Phone Post 3.0

I joined the site a few days ago. The daily RX is a cool feature as it has you work areas you normally wouldn't focus on. Phone Post