Mod 1 saves Marriage!

Holiday time....also known as way too freakin' much to do, no time to do it and the store closes in 15 minutes. Bah, humbug!

So my wife has to pack several presents and mail them to her sister. We have the perfect box, and everything fits just so....but it isn't packed tightly. I say, the USPS has never done wrong by me. Through thick and thin the men and women of the USPS get stuff delivered, no worries. We'll just tape the box up and mail it out.

Oh no. Not this box filled with presents. This is life and death. If presents shift they could bump into each other and that would be very BAD.

SCRAPPER to the rescue. Because Mod 1 arrived with packing peanuts that very day. Pour the packing peanuts in, and there you go. One happy wife who is no longer considering killing her husband. One happy husband who has Mod 1. 'Tis the season!

Just out of the box and Mod 1 saves my marriage. Just imagine what will happen when I start using it!

HAHAHAHAHAHA! Man, that was funny as hell!


best success story ever!!

It's also a little known fact that The creeping death workout in Mod one,when played backwards gives the cure for cancer and other mysteries. Who really shot JFK,Where HOffa is buried etc.

You just never know what you are going to read on this board. Very funny paw.

That needs to go in the testimonials on Scrapper's site.