Mod attention needed

Can we get the Dan miller t-shirt thread stickied and posted on the UG News? It's a slow news day, and a deserving thread, any help would be appreciated. Thank you for everything you guys do, now grant us another favor. Phone Post

17 views and not one TTT? Where is your soul? Phone Post

TTT! Phone Post

 TTT for sticky for D Miller (and Faber's family imho)

LayNprayNINJA -  TTT for sticky for D Miller (and Faber's family imho)

Agreed, both need to be in the foreground. Phone Post

I'm not asking for your money, I'm asking for a simple TTT, it is little to ask. Phone Post


superCalo - Mods this is surely more important than a ring girl and a failed real estate agent twittering about each other.

Sabarukas ear, the thread title was not engaging enough you should have mentioned the reason for the mod attention, too late to change it now though only have like 5 minutes to do so.

Thank you supercalo, I am truly a fan of your posts, and I will learn how to properly title a thread, just give me time! Phone Post

sTicky Phone Post

MountainMedic - sTicky
sTicky Phone Post

Thanks MM, another valued member of teh UG community. Phone Post

sticky you heartless bastards

Ttt Phone Post


OUTCOLD - sticky you heartless bastards

Agreed Phone Post

mixedmartialfarts -  TTT

One of my favorite names ever! Phone Post

minotauro11 - Ttt Phone Post

Thank you good sir! Phone Post


TTT!!!! Phone Post

1ChromosomeTooMany -  Stickinate

Another big name in teh UG, Mods, do the right thing Phone Post

Doctor Kenneth Noisewater - TTT!!!! Phone Post

I have never seen your name before, but shit, I'll be looking for it now! Phone Post