mod: blue name???

Just curious where my blue name went to. I should still have some time left before it expires. I've been a mudnamer for a few days now. I e-mailed somebody through the site, but got no reply.

Hey Lee what's going on, e-mail me i wanna do some grappling with you, but can't make it mon or wed.

I might be able to go in on Thursday or Saturday if ya want. I'd kinda like to get a regular class going on Saturday's if we can get a few bodies out there.

Email me, I don't have your address.

Dude, if you would learn how to read, you'd see that I already bought it... twice actually. I was one of the first to go blue as soon as they offered it.


I am getting this:

"Your account is not approved for HTML [ info ]"

I am a pro-member and my account is not approved for HTML?


Same thing is happening to me, I think it's just a glitch in the system.


Scroll down and click on "info" which is located just beside "your account is not approved for HTML". Just follow the link. It's $29.95.

Should be cleared up!

Thanks Kirik, much appreciated.