Mod. scarf hold combo

Hi guys,

Let's say that I'm on the bottom of the modified scarf hold, but he doesn't have a hold of my near arm. I'm in posture with my near elbow on the ground and my other hand is pushing his face away. I try to escape by throwing my leg over his face, but he ducks his head to avoid my leg and moves his head forwards, away from my hips. I want to immediately switch to another escape, but I'm wondering which one it should be and why.

So what small detail about exactly how he escapes his head from my leg dictates whether it's more optimal to switch to escaping by pulling guard or going to my knees?



tough one. based on momentum and body movement i would say getting to your knees would be your best bet, that said however i, in that situation, would actually try and regain guard. By getting your leg up in teh initial escape, that plus his movement should give you ample room to get a knee in

His usual movement to prevent the leg over the face is to lean forward and put his face closer to the ground. I have found it much easier to use the leg that was coming across the face to now get a hook in on his thigh and begin taking the back.

Now if he has escaped by leaning back or whatever, I'd say its probably best to go to the knees.


Anyone else want to chime in?

Let's say he is underhooking your left arm with his right arm. Your right elbow is down against his bottom hip.

You use your left forearm to pry his head upwards and go to throw your left leg over his head, and he ducks his head down and forward to avoid it.

As he does that, use your left forearm to deflect his head to your right, like you're throwing an elbow left to right, as you turn on your right side and pull your right arm underneath your body. Turn to your knees. You are side by side and he still has an underhook, so whizzer him with your left arm, put your right hand on the back of his head, turn to face him and quarter nelson him to turn him over to side control.


The key, as always, is to push with the half of your forearm closer to your elbow, not the half closer to the wrist. You don't want to use your triceps at all, because they're weak and get tired easily.