Modano to Boston ??

Report: Market heats up for Modano Staff

8/2/2005 1:24:20 AM

For the first time in his career, Mike Modano may be donning a jersey other than that of the Stars.

According to a report on, the Boston Bruins are expected to sign the 35-year-old centre with an announcement coming as early as Tuesday. Modano had three offers to consider with the Bruins being the front-runner. The Atlanta Thrashers and Pittsburgh Penguins are the others in the race for his services.

On Monday, Modano told the Dallas Morning News that the Stars never made an offer to him or agent Brian Lawton and that the Stars are hesitant about offering him a long-term deal because of his age.

"It just doesn't make sense," Modano told the newspaper. ''I'm old at 35 and Zubie isn't? I don't get it."

Modano was refering to the three-year, $12 million contract defenceman Sergei Zubov signed on Sunday. Zubov, 35, has played eight seasons with the Stars, helping the club win the Stanley Cup in 1999.

"All things being equal, I'd love to be here," he said. "It's a great place, and I want to finish my career here. But I guess we just have to go out and see what's out there."

Modano was drafted by the Minnesota North Stars in the 1st round (1st overall) in 1988. In 1101 career games, the 6-3, 205-pound Modano has collected 458 goals and 1106 points.

Sweet, glad to see another All Star leave the west, makes things easier for the Av's. The way things are shaping up, people who do not think that the Av's Canucks, and Wings aren't the top 3 teams in the NHL are on crack.


what crack are you smoking? did you manage to stuff the entire colorado sports world right up your ass?

I didn't quite understand that post.

just a lot of built up frustration

Not yours, denver boy's post

lol ok.

lol they're eating their own!

looks like he is re-signing with dallas