modded xbox and Max Payne 2

For some reason I can't get Max Payne 2 to load on my xbox. No sucess from the copy on my HD or the actual copy of the game. Anyone else have this problem? Thanks

Have you re-tried copying it? Make sure you delete the folder before re-copying. Do you have Xplorer on your box? Good program that.

I've only had problems with Return of the king (out of about 60 games copied). It died after only a few plays, but was fine after re-copying.

Call Microsoft and ask them.

LOL@wasabi... Some nice one-liners today... Feeling graphically and technologically inferior today bro'?

I deleted and recopy it and it still happens. Weird that the original of the copy won't load either

OK, finally got max payne 2 to work with my xbox. Was really the lamest fix ever.

This will fix the problem with max payne 2 and any other auto save games that lock up.

All you have to do is set the date on your xbox instead of leaving it as default because the auto save feature does not recognize the whacked ass default date set in the xbox.

Cool. Cheers for that.