modeling guitar amps

Well I guess I am not talking about the amps being modeled, what I am refering to is an amp designed for those that have a pod of genisis 1 desktop guitar modeling box. I recently saw an ad for one called an atomic check it out here

wasn't there another company making these? Perhaps by line 6? what do you all think of amps like this?

That is really wierd, the pod just sits inside the cabinet. It just seems kind of dopey, but if its cheap it might be worth checking out. I guess its cool because even if you plug your pod into a normal amp the amp will still give it a little colour.


Das please add that pic to my rottie thread :)

Alright alright, keep it in your pants!

can't help it man. Dude I saw that amp in one of my guitar mags, didn't pay much attention to it though until you posted that have you played that?

How much $ ?

Damn, just sell your pod and get a Flextone!

I guess it makes sense, but I would look into a used Mesa Boogie Satelite Slave amp. Power amp combo with no preamp.

Or just use the effect return on a regular amp. Then if you get the dreaded ERROR message on your pod(as I have heard some get with the new Vetta amp) you have a back up.

Racer X, have you played that Digital amp from Fender. The one that all of the knobs turn by themselves when you select a certain "amp model?" I plugged a strat into one at guitar center and man this thing sounded amazing, despite my tone deffness :D

You're talking about the CyberTwin I think.Nice sounding amp, lots of bells and whistles, yet it operates like a conventional amp for the most part.

Im pretty sure thats it. Scared the heck out of me when I switched a bank to a certain amp model, and all 12 knobs just started turning by themselves (matching pre programed selections for volume, gain, treble, bass etc.)I thought that the amp was possesed or somthing! LOL

I had a YAMAHA DG80 combo for a while. Nice amp, but it doesn't have the schizo personality of the Line6 stuff IMO. The knobs did the spin dance when you changed patches.

have you played that?

Actually I'd never heard of it until this post. I agree with RX though, unless its really cheap it seems like a waste of money, why not just buy a flextome or something?

I haven't played a cyber-twin either, but they look really keen!


I still have my rack with a cheap Crest LA901 power amp and a Gallian-Krueger 2x12 cabinet. Makes a POD sound OK, but a VHT or Marshall or Boogie tube power amp would sound SO much better. I've tried it, I know.

When you hook the cyber twin to the computer and pump in your saved presets, you will nut when you see the controls moving themselves.