Modern Family Season 7 Funny Lines

Phil:  Haley and Andy love each other and they don't know!

Claire: Is that true, honey?

Haley: Dad, what makes you think he's in love with me.

Phil:  I could tell by the way he hugged you good-bye.

Claire: Phil, are you sure about this?

Phil:  Claire, I think I know the look of love in another man's eyes.

Haley:  Well, that was fun for me... -sad-...Mom, can we drink now?

Claire:  Honey, it's lunch time.

Haley:  -groan-

Claire:  What?  That's a yes!

I've only seen like 5 episodes but it's actually decent.

"Phil-osophy" or whatever was great Phone Post 3.0

Clyde Bigsby is the tits. I still can't believe whats her face hacked her tits off.

Season 8:

"hey, where did your tits go? Why are even still on the show, you selfish ho?" Phone Post 3.0

I watch very little network tv, but wed night is funny. Gold burgs, the middle and modern family are all solid. Phone Post 3.0

Are they giving new episodes of the Middle? I thought it was cancelled.

Its pretty sad that the big sister's mosquito bites look better than the fattie nerd now. Just caught the latest episode, though. Funny stuff.

woah! spoilers!