Modified Mount escapes





The best escape to use will depend on what exactly your opponent is
doing to counter your basic shrimp escape.

A few questions:

  1. Are you starting out on your back?

  2. Is your opponent fully mounted, or is he starting in one of the modified
    mount positions?

  3. What exactly does he do that gives you so much trouble?

Roy Harris

Thanks a bunch Mr Harris!


When you perform your elbow/knee escape, how is your opponent able
to get his foot on the ground into your armpit? Are you purposely
leaving your bottomside elbow out and away from your body? If so,
consider the following:

  1. When you perform elbow/knee escape, the topside elbow does most of the pushing. The bottomside elbow does push, but it should not push too hard - especially with an opponent who is well versed at going to this modified mount position.

Against your opponent who likes to use this modified mount, I would
recommend you keep the bottomside elbow tucked neatly against your

  1. Should your bottomside elbow be left out and away from your body, and your opponent is able to get his foot into your armpit, do the following: (a) place your topside elbow into the bend of his knee, (b) perform elbow/knee escape again - this time by bridging first and then pushing your topside elbow against his calf (the leg that has the knee off the ground). The combination of the bridge and the elbow/knee escape will make it difficult for him to stay mounted. Granted, he may move to side mount, but at least he won't be mounted any more.

Good training to you,

Roy Harris

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