Modified Scarf Hold Instructional DVD????

I want to focus on modified scarf hold for the next few months. Does anyone know of a dvd that shows submissions from this position but more importantly, how to counter escape attempts and how to move from modified scarf hold to other top control positions (ie north/south) and completely dominate the guy positionally and crush him?

Actually, anything tha shows how to move from different side control positions while maintaining crushing pressure and getting his arms twisted up would be a great resource.

See judo

I think Stephan Kesting has a full seminar DVD on scarf..? Don't quote me on that, but I'm sure I read it somewhere... Phone Post

Stephan has a great DVD on it. "Unorthodox positions and attacks". It's opened up my game a lot. My training partners hate being stuck under my kesa gatame.

Tony Cecchine's cross-side rides DVD