modified Taku Interval Routine 5rd

Hi, try this if you like:

I put a sick fit pro fighter who I assisted in training through this a
couple of years ago, I simply took the taku interval routine and
adjusted it for a ufc style championship fight, however i lengthened
each round by a minute. I instucted him to go at 10/10 intensity of
course- the later rounds he clearly wasn't able to achieve the same
intensity but he was still banging out reps. I'm not sure if doing 5 taku
interval sessions in a row is a great idea as far as increasing your
cardio etc but it certainly is a good mental exercise. We chose two
different exercises- thrusters with two 20lb dumbells, and squats on a
hammerstrength style machine with 50lbs. he was a 185lber fyi. we
switched exercises each interval- 20 sec thrusters 10 sec rest 20 sec
squats, repeat.

warmup- 5 mins, whatever

rd 1:

12x (20sec work + 10sec rest)

1 min rest

rd 2: same

rd 3: same

rd 4: same

rd 5: same


adds up to about 35 minutes + warmup/cooldown of GUTCHECK

my fighter had never done anything quite like it before but was already
in sick shape so he was able to complete it. He puked water about
three times during/after. As has been said on this board about
workouts before "a bucket is a useful accessory".

good luck. let me know your thoughts, and if anyone gives it a shot i'd
love to hear about it.

oh, i just remembered one cool detail, his very last interval of the last
round, i had him just go as long as he could, not 20 secs, he probably
went about 45 seconds, then puked. the look of pain on his face while i
was yelling at him to 'pull out the round' or 'gotta get this takedown to
win the fight' was quite rewarding for me. i typically just yell at the guy
the whole time. it seems to work. it's fun for me at least. fortunately this
was in a closed gym with just the two of us, maybe one other fighter

not even a "gee, that sounds like it sucks!" ? haha

welcome guys, let me know if you are able to give it a try.

Evil and sick.  Both the workout and demandango.


I am going to try this when I have my Gymboss.

You mean Taku is really Dr. Tabata?

uh, i don't think so- his intervals are just based on the tabata protocol iirc... or was that just a joke? can't tell.

How often would you have someone do this workout three times a week I am thinking with jog days in between???

Fight Gone Bad

ttt should i do this three times a week only?

magic, i am not a super knowledgeable fitness guy, i get most of my info from this board- but i would say if you can do this 3 times a week and still do other stuff you are a super stud... i would start with once a week, maybe a day or two before a rest day and then put in a second one 3 or 4 days before. if you aren't feeling burnt out, sure go ahead and add another one spacing them a couple days apart. if you are already super jacked then sure try 3 a week but if it gets so you are missing your skills training or are showing other signs of overtraining then take a few days off and cut one of them. have you tried the workout once yet? it's a bitch. i couldn't do one round lol. post back and let me know how it goes. btw, hopefully it won't interfere with your AZT treatment plan.

i just looked up a somewhat similar workout on crossfit "tabata this" and they suggested doing it bimonthly. it really is a lot of work. as toddseney said, it is somewhat similar to crossfit workout "fight gone bad" as well.

do the squats really give you a 'mental break' lol? definitely 3x a week would be difficult if not impossible to sustain, at least with other daily training. thanks for the input.