MODs at least be fair....

Why is it ok to delete "Royce didnt wear a Jacket" thread and keep Threads with "trollshida" and "yocheata" in the title?

If youre gonna delete disrespect at least delete it all and be fair...


ttt for censorship

The deleting of posts is out of control. Inconsistent and "over-enthusiastic" moderation of this forum are two of its biggest problems.


Exactly, we can have thousands of threads trashing an olympic gold medalist calling him Yocheata and other insulting things.But anything against a BJJ player and it's deleted.

If this forum had deletion accountability, then most of these issues would go away.

Whenever a deletion occurs, there should be posted:

* Who did it.

* Why they did it.

The bias here has been the same for years..Opposing it only guarantees you will be stalked by the BJJ trolls and their 500 screen names..

"But anything against a BJJ player and it's deleted. "

Whatever man, Rickson takes more crap on here than Yoshida ever thought about taking.

there arent fair, russian bastards

Being as fair as i can.What's unfair is the abuse we take, but whatever.

HUH,, I thought the Mods were all yankees...

Canuck here... Now that'll open a whole new can o' worms :)

What's out of control?

Jesus said life isn't fair

Canadian Mods!!???!?!?!

What's next Aussies that are half Brasilian via marriage????

fish! now you have really done it. This thread will be gone in 3,2 1... ( hows the fishing man?)

"What's next Aussies that are half Brasilian via marriage????"

Now you're talking crazy talk!

Lol at the judo trolls getting upset. The judo trolls seem to think it is all right for them to bash bjj but as soon as someone defends against their trolling the thread should be deleted.

This is just backlash from the constant trolling by the judo trolls since the first Yoshida/Royce fight. Take your medicine judo trolls