Mods/Kirik can you please add Tenor as a GIF provider?

We’ve been sweating content for your asses and you make that ad money, throw us a bone and add a REAL GIF provider, not a leftist shell of it’s former self (giphy) to the site.

Thank you.

Also if you support this you can post below.


rob riggle raise hand GIF by Team Coco

You know what I support?

Bringing back the FUCKING VOTE DOWN BUTTON!!! I can easily find whatever gif I want with Google. But I cannot vote anybody down and it’s super fucking lame.


Also let us put mods on ignore



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Dave Chappelle Reaction GIF

bored waiting GIF

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Judge Judy GIF by Lifetime Telly

Don’t expect them to do anything they completely ignore the atrocious reply system and refuse to do anything about it!

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Mods here too busy smokin poles

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Vince Vaughn Lol GIF by filmeditor

I wanted to use the caddyshack gif “you’ll get nothing…and like it” but it’s not available on giphy apparently