Mods: "n" word bad, pedo is OK?

yeah we’re through the looking glass here, up is down, in is out. Next thing you know we’ll all be soccer fans


N word does not equal ban that I’ve ever seen. Repeat offenders might get banned as a result of posting racist shit time and and time again.

There’s more grey area with posting girls but if there’s something off, please point me to where that is.


“posting underage girls is a gray area”… Ok…


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I posted it one time, as a (possible poor) joke, and got a 24 hour time out (for the record)

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Can you please link me to the content you are referencing?


Watch your language!

@Chris It was in Mountain Medic’s thread about ‘listening to n word music’ if that helps. I replied saying something to the effect of “Well, wtf were you listening to that n word music for anyway” and next thing I knew… bolivian

Also for the record, I’m not complaining, just stating the facts

Let’s not unfairly label people, OP.

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I didn’t say that.

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here we go batman GIF

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While I share a similar opinion with you about pedo’s, I don’t know that simply just posting a picture of someone who is underage and not sexual in nature is a problem.

If someone else is making the inappropriate comment I don’t see how we can blame the OP.

Wait so…you are equating posting a fully clothed picture of someone under the age of 18, a picture that is all over the Internet to pedo shit? That is stupid.


You must be mistaken or lying. I was assured none of that was happening, when I brought it up. I apparently was making it all up. Nobody has been frozen and no posts are being deleted. It’s all in our heads.

Time out does not mean ban.

Freezing vs ban is a significant difference. People get frozen all the time for racism. Post the n word, expect a time out. That’s completely reasonable. Context does matter so it’s not automatic. Lots of times we just delete and move on.

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Plenty of pictures of a 15 year old in that thread.

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To add to this… Is she posting this on the internet for everyone to see? If so that really defeats the purpose imo. If it’s something stolen that’s inappropriate? Yeah that’s no bueno.

Op can i like a pic of my wife when she was 15 or is that pedo also?