why are all the threads about the reported "big announcement" being removed? What kind of free speech is this? When did this site start being controlled by the UFC thought police ???????????

prob cos there's fukin loads and they r in the way of threads with a point

anotherbadpost...we are free to do as they tell us. When one of us starts asking too many questions, we get removed. That is corruption my friend. Keep the population uninformed and stupid

I'm not going to keep paying to post at a site that pulls this shit. This is a great site but I can do without the censorship. I won't pay to be censored.

^^Yes, you will!^^

Probably not free speech, but I would guess if one set of rules is announced, and behind closed doors another set of rules is employed, the paying members would have a legitimate gripe (claim).

i had a thread which asked the opinion of all members wether it would live up to the hype-will every thread involving a question be deleted

i agree 100% . attjack. even if this site is privately owned how is banning reported news concerning the sport helping. especially to a org. (the ufc) which has banned all internet media? get fucking real this place blows. the Mods can suck a fart out of my asshole

Not to mention, Kirik still have never looked into why the F'N UFC thread was deleted right after Saucy's posts, despite saying he would look into it (this would have been 3 weeks ago). He was emailed by multiple parties, and the thread was ttt'd countless times, once by Saucy herself, who must have thought it cute.

i'm GUESSING it was because there were 20 threads about the same thing...

Find it at Fight Resource! - The Online MMA Directory

whatta joke

you dont mind taking our 30$, but yet you do mind us reporting news, that has already been reported?



lol, rogue mod strikes again

At what point does a forum stop being privately owned when it's publicly funded?

I think the private thread wasn't delted because it's board kryptonite and filled with spam. No one will ever visit it again. :)

It's not a huge deal. Now some folks will be able to see and be "stunned" by this huge news in real time.


they were moved to the What If forum...not deleted....

again..i do NOT know why....


20 threads on the same topic--- glad they did something

they aren't

they were moved to the What If forum...not deleted....

again..i do NOT know why.... "

my poll wasn't a "what if". it was asking if anyone is intrested in seeing this reported matchup. reported by mmaweekly , not fightsport. this is bullshit

well its not what if news

it has been reported from a highly respectable mma news site

i see no reason why we cant discuss it on a message board they we pay to use

afterall ITS MMA NEWS

i thought thats what this place was all about

get the news out to all mma fans as fast as possible

but between sprawl and ufc censoring everything this place is turning into a shithole, no better than sherdog

aren't what??..i just saw 5 threads on the what if forum including the one Nightstalker says was deleted...

Besides the fact that the forum is becoming flooded with them, they are becoming ridiculous. I moved a couple of them. It is not hard to see why I moved them.

"John Hess v Joe Son headlining UFC 59"

"Dog, The Bounty Hunter vs. Mir/Arlovski and then the winner of Chuck/Randy"

Real speculation is one thing, but simply trolling is another, IMO.