mohler jiujitsu dvd instructional

can someone tell me more about this instructional set ( mohler bjj )

this set can really take someone from white to black belt...

panamsilvertx send me an email plz for more informations thx


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I didn't know there was a set out but when I used to travel to Tx I trained there and Allen and his guys are great and technical.

ttt !!!

Instructionals are my comment below


Hello forum members,

My name is Felipe Espinoza...a Vale Tudo purple belt instructor from Mohler Jiu Jitsu. I am pleased to meet you all but I wish it would have been under better circumstances.


A few days ago an IMPERSONATOR stealing my Identity (PanAmSilver(TEXAS)) came online in this forum and on TXMMA trolling. Claiming to be me…saying disparaging & deceitful comments about our school. He has since been banned from these forum and subsequently WWW.TXMMA.COM. Rest assured this keyboard warrior has never had any accomplishments on the mat nor the ring. Whatever words that spews from his mouth come out of JEALOUSY ENVY and DECEIT. Why you ask? Well, because Mohlers BJJ has the best BJJ kids program in Texas…and one of the top in BJJ/MMA.
This troll without ANY accomplishments actually assumed over a dozen to two dozen identities on MMATV and TXMMA. Just ask the MODS here and on TXMMA. Paul Erickson ( ) OVER A DOZEN IDENTITIES! Now that is pathetic. No, that is a SICK individual!

Here is but a sample…most were subsequently deleted.

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Posted: Tue Jan 04, 2005 1:55 pm Master ******offering new class!

Master **** ***BJJ school will begin offering a new class for children and adults starting in February! Dubbed "R.A.P." (Rape Attack Program), the 2-hour, 12 week course will teach the fine points of applying blue belt or higher BJJ skills to what ** calls "raping chicks who dress and act like sluts."

Material covered will include "should I kill the bitch, or just threaten her?", "groin protection - yes or no?" and also "is it true what they say about milk?". Attendees should bring a gi and one of the following: tights, "scream" halloween outfit, novelty President or ski mask, rope, wire cutters, knife, bitterness.

See you all there! Now go train jiu-jitsu and rape!

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Posted: Tue Jan 04, 2005 3:18

ANOTHER troll banned. IP is, email is

Felipe Espinoza (PanAmSilver)
Mohler Jiu Jitsu

P.S. What is your feedback on a loser like this?…and yes...the Mohler Instructionals are technical and I recommend them.

OMG, that troll is one sick puppy!

Some stuff can be funny to some, but that is over the line.

he's a BB under jacare? he must be good. just curious if anyone has seen the DVDs. are they like pedro sauer - lots of moves, but not linked

He received his Brown under Carlos Machado then his black several years later under Jacare.

Wow. Orlando left?

Not that it matters...
Actually... It was one year later that he received his black belt from Jacare!
I happen to have it on video! (Imagine That)

I don't have to say this! Everyone knows both instructors Allen trained with are incredible!

Their are many awesome black belts around! I would say that any man that makes it to black belt level in BJJ!
Is someone to look up to!

I don't really get why people fight over who's instructor is better. Man! They are all good or they wouldn't have a black belt!

Shawna Mohler

What Shawna stated is correct. Carlos Machado has my respect as a coach and as a person. Carlos has always treated us with respect. Both Jacare and Carlos have contributed tremendously to the sport and art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I have deep respect & admiration for them both. I have met all four individuals that have influenced me in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu…Royce Gracie, Carlos Machado, Jacare and my present Coach (Allen Mohler). They all have class and are great at what they do….and that is teach Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Carlos Machado is a legend in sport BJJ. Jacare will be inducted into the Grappling Hall of Fame in January. I consider it an honor to be influenced by such respected individuals.

Felipe Espinoza
Mohler Jiu Jitsu

P.S. Orlando Waugh started his own school (Texas Self Defense) and still remains good friends with myself and Coach Allen. Orlando was my original instructor at Mohler´s…and the greatest most humble person I know.

Good stuff, PanAm. Who all has Allen Mohler produced in terms of BJJ fighters? Of the four you listed as your influences, I know of three of them quite well, but I confess that I hadn't heard of Mohler.