I went to my good friend Mikyo Riggs' school in Mill Valley, CA. And I had to give props. Mikyo is purple(long over due brown) under Ralph Gracie and a 2nd degree black belt in Free style. The school is small, but with good mat space and a nice gym area. Top Pancrase pro BRET BERGMARk even made a guest appearance(I forgot to get his autograph, but I will next time), and there was a ton of talent in the room. I got a chance to to train with one of Mikyo's students who has only been training 6months and under Mikyo's tutelage has gotten very good, very fadt. If anybody is ever in the Marin area of California, they should stop by and check out the school.


thanks Godzilla!

It was a real plesure to have you down. Everyone appreciated your help and i had a great time training with one of my oldest training partners and friends. Thanks for the props bro! Next time at Millenia.


I live in antioch where are you guys located id like to make a stop through someday

A little off topic but,Godzilla are you fighting Olaf at WEC?

thanks for the ttt kirik!

macavelli what is Freestyle? Not trooling just wonder.

yeah what is free style? i thought freestyle is a type of wrestling, didn't know they gave out belts.

the style that i started in was called freestyle fighting. It was very much a kickboxing base. The hand techniques is mostly western boxing, and muy thai techniques from the clinch.It also had a lot of trapping techniques from wing chun and jkd. As well as self defense techniques and some basic judo and wrestling takedowns. At the time this was before the ufc even came out. So later we started to implement grappling and jiu jitsu. but we would spar all out with like mma so it was kinda like early mma fighting. But since then i have worked more exclusively on my boxing, muythai, jiu jitsu, and wresting. hope that explains a little.

sambat, i don't know the adress but if you call me i will tell you how to get there. My # 415-497-5050. Anyone is welcome to come down and train and toss around ideas and techniques, and just have fun. I love this shit!

freestyle fighting?

wjbjj- come down to my school and ill show you what it is.

crowbar, no, the promoter wanted to have a different "style" fighter to fight Olaf. LOL

The Macis is no joke. His skills are solid