Moke Chicken: A Huge Hit!

Served this up to an army of 12 for dinner tonight. Nothing but rave reviews.

I get the impression that Moke doesn't think he's done anything special here. To him, it's probably just a weekly batch of lunch. But this recipe seriously rocks ass.

Thanks again, Moke!

Can you post a link to the recipe?


Where's the recipe?

I bet it's huli huli kine. broke da mouth brah!


Different cooking method (he bakes his, IIRC), but same ingredients.

tanks eh!

Nice... might try this tonight. I like the making luch for a week idea in 2009.


go moke! i'd eat it w/ kim chee.

Hahaha some of our forum chicken made it to a recipe blog? Suweet!

I vaguely recall that recipe but I don't think I would normally reduce raw marinade that had chicken in did that work out? Did you need to skim any scum off of it or was it ok?

I ran it through a fine mesh strainer before cooking.

I was a little nervous, but cooked the hell out of it, so it was fine.

Moke - Hahaha some of our forum chicken made it to a recipe blog? Suweet!

I asked you if I could post it. Via PM, if I remember correctly. You said yes. Is that cool? That's your recipe, so I can delete it if it's not cool.

Thanks! Not a problem at all, in fact I'm flattered.

...and the reason I usually reduce the juice leftover from broiling rather than the marinade isn't because raw chicken was in it, but because chicken drippings have fat and a different flavor, but there's nothing wrong with cooking and reducing the marinade (other than scum may develop on the surface). You'd probably want to experiment with how much to reduce it by.

The first few times I made it this way I had to skim some scum. The other day, I reduced the living shit out of it, and the scum eventually vanished.

it became, INVISIBLE SCUM! go team

FCTV808 - it became, INVISIBLE SCUM! go team

For some reason Invisible Scum appeals to me as a potential screen name.

i still make this too. my gf loves it! i sub honey for the sugar though and use much less.

sub corn syrup for the honey and whammo--meltage.


havent made this in a while but the white miso and beer chicken gets made a lot. my mom loves that shit.


damn Moke you better bring this famous chicken to the next party

Hahaha, dude my house is still under renovation since january...I had to half-kine cheat when I made kalbi for the last party.