Molluscum Contagiosum

The Doctor referred me to a Dermatologist, and the Dermatologist was really useless. Could someone tell me about it and how to deal with it ? I probably got it rolling no-gi, and don't want to spread it to other people.

The dermatologist basically scraped off the big skin bumps and rubbed iodine, but he left the small ones alone. Didn't say if they were going to come back, or if the small ones were going to get bigger of if they would spread or go away, or anything much, just to cut off any new ones and not to roll for a week.

a virus, I do not know of any treatment but I will look it up for you

dna pox virus,treated by liquid nitrogen freezing,cantharidin application or curettage of central core ( cecil textbook of medicine)

Thanks howardo. I'd found some info online, and read that wrestlers often got it, so I thought someone here might have had it or known someone who did and could give me first-hand or second-hand advice. Like whether not rolling for a week was just because of all the torn skin, or because it might still be contagious. I'm mostly concerned about why he didn't touch the smaller ones, and whether contact with the sheets would make it spread to other parts of the body off of the sheets.

Not sure of the answers, I have no experience with this condition, good luck

I had this problem and the dermatologist froze them off
with liquid nitrogen. This left some scarring that went away after a few months. They did not return in the same location.

I'm surprised that he didn't remove the smaller ones. Although they can dry up and go away on their own, it takes a long time and you can transmit it to your training partners in the meantime.

I'm not sure how easy it is to reinfect yourself off your sheets. However, I played it safe and took the same precautions as ring worm and washed my towels, sheets, etc on a regular basis and made sure to cover it up when training (until I had them removed).

As the name implies, it is contagious and you need to have a doctor remove them since it is caused by a virus and not a fungus (in which case there are many over the counter remedies).

I would take an educated guess and say that having them torn and the fluid inside leaking would make it easier to spread.

The good news is that once I got rid of the second bout of molluscum it has not returned (unlike ringworm which I have had on multiple occasions). When I had it the second time (shortly after the first time)it seemed less wide spread and I only had a couple of bumps. It could have been small ones that were missed the first treatment and simply got bigger .... but I honestly don't know. I wouldn't be afraid to call your doctor to ask questions.