Mom rips schoolboard for BLM/Communist/LGBT propaganda - EPIC!

She eventually does, but she’s so fucking annoying it’s difficult to listen to at once…

I bet she is a tiger in the sack. :tiger:

there are two types of people who want to improve the schools in their community

  • the first type is the type of person who volunteers. sometimes they run for an unpaid board position that will require them to stand before the community in an election, and if they win they commit to donating hundreds of hours in typically a 3 year term. to actually learn and understand education policy, state requirements, budget concerns, union contracts, etc. even if it means part of your service means sitting there while karen’s rant about how you are a racist and a communist.

  • the other type has to do no volunteering, has to do no learning, has assumed no responsibility. they just show up and throw feces and complain.

which type does the OG prefer?

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Lol at this absolute shit-wit moron. You’re another fucking clown who thinks he’s intelligent. Lol!!


Just somebody who actually volunteers in his community and makes an effort to understand how things work and how to improve them.

(Rather than somebody who shows up to grand stand at the podium and can’t be bothered to volunteer or understand)

lol @ a guy who made an inflammatory troll account with the sole purpose to troll politics trying to come off as being a noble man IRL helping out his community.


Will Ferrell Reaction GIF


You mean the way BLM rioters shout from the podium but do nothing to reduce the number of black deaths beyond demanding we defund the police?

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Remember the thread about people who should be ran off the forum?

You’re one of them.


No, I don’t mean anything about BLM rioters. As that is not what we are discussing. Have you had a traumatic brain injury, perhaps?

Hard hitting stuff right here.

Yes, from reading too many of your dumb ass posts that make zero sense. The thread has nothing to do with volunteers, it’s about parents pushing back against ridiculous liberal school boards. Try to stay on topic junior.

Meanwhile, back in reality, multiple times she makes a point that the people she is addressing are paid for by her.

They are volunteers. Who volunteer lots of time away from their families for no personal gain and sign up for lots of grief and only have a narrow set of responsibilities that she and you couldn’t be bothered to try to understand.

They are the adults. She is the child.

So why are they “winning” the fight? How does a sane society allow this behavior? I say “winning” because they are teaching this shit. How is it getting into our schools? How does a sane school board one day hear a suggestion for more talk of masturbation of our 1st graders, then gives the green light?

I understand how the racial stuff get’s in. It’s because anyone who doesn’t agree is a “racist”. Since nobody want’s to be called that, they fold like a lawn chair. The sexualization really doesn’t make any sense though. I really can’t fathom how it was ever approved. I know what some are going to say “LBGT” and maybe I would concede a small portion to “LBGT” for opening the “door” but its still a far cry away from “let’s teach kids how to wack off”. We were all shown the “film” around that time. Is acknowledging the fact homosexuality exists out of the ball park when they’re acknowledging sexuality exists around that time? I’m asking, not defending. I don’t have kids. As a parent where is the line? Drag queens are one thing and I agree, it’s fucking disgusting and should have never happened. But is it the fact they’re being taught about homosexuality or is it the age they’re being taught at?


When I go to my school board meetings, the superintendent is present and she is paid by the people. Board members are volunteers that want to ensure their views and beliefs are propagated in the district and typically have an agenda beyond volunteer work. There’s plenty of personal gain, even if there isn’t a paycheck.


They volunteer to push their politics into schools. Let’s not make them out to be saints. They’re most certainly seeing something out of this. I’m sure if we asked them they would probably admit to it, believing that what they’re doing is noble. It’s not like they’re trying to hide what they’re doing. I’m sure they think they’re educating tolerance and would defend it as such. Doesn’t change the fact its still politics and has no business in public schools curriculum


Personal beliefs that they then need to learn to balance with the obligations of the district that they are representing.

School boards set policy for the district, propose a budget, and hire a superintendent. That’s it. And they are volunteers.

When you understand that reality, talking about the specifics of what some teacher did by name on social media is wholly inappropriate for a public meeting with the school board.

Nonsense. Lots of people that have come through my school board and neighboring school boards have different political points of view than me. My comments apply to all.

They are volunteers. Almost none of them do anything politically beyond a school board. They are almost all there for good reasons.

Our school board was supposed to do a search for a new school superintendent, we were told we’d get a list of the top candidates to review before they selected.

At the next board meeting we hear a bunch of commotion, the President of the BoE calls for an emergency vote on school superintendent, two board members walk out, the rest vote in the secretary of the former superintendent as our new superintendent, who happens to be a black woman with zero experience beyond her role as secretary to the past superintendent. Nice woman, has a doctorate, but not what our school district needed. They vote her in and she’s a complete disaster.

In effect it was a hostile takeover of our school district and all our students have suffered.

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lol! I love her. But i’m glad i’m not her husband after he left the toilet seat up