Monday Aves vs Canucks

Ooh barring a miracle comeback this game has huge implications on who finishes first in the division.At the moment Vancouver is one point behind the Aves, with the aves playing their game in hand today and behind 6-1 to Calgary with less than 5 minutes left to play.

I can't wait, these two teams play each other hard and play exciting hockey.It's not Detroit vs Colorado yet but it's definately a budding rivalry.

ouch 7-1, Saprykin scores with a second left.

I wonder if Colorado will go after Turek, they need a decent backup and Roman is very available.

lol@losing 7-1 to CALGARY.

God I hope Crawford plays Hedberg against the Avs but I know he's gonna give Cloutier the start.

Actually i kinda hope Hedberg gets the start too, he's earned it.

Abby will get the shutout and Forsberg will have a 7 point game

*Prays to god that Forsberg will play in this game

Nucks by ownage.


Dear God I never thought this day would come, but...

Mark1 is correct.

*writes date down on calendar*

lol holy fuck, Aves with 4 in 1:39.Hedberg's in now (but was scored on, on the last one making it 5-0)

Ruutu beats up Blake in a scrap LOL

Dear god tell me you arent serious

Jesus May is going after Worrell *again*

May is the f'n MAN! but back to the bitchtuu and blake fight....what happend?

Blake's a big boy but just useless is a scrap.Can't throw your giant ass around in a scrap lol..

Man 5-0 in the first and being outshot 14-4 so far.I can't believe they'd come out so flat in such an important game.

Did Blake really loose though?

First period is over, we survived down only 5-0 LOL.ouch

I see that Moore and Cooke fought too, no idea what happened on that one.Four fights that period.

Thanks Crow for starting Cloutier, you FUCKIN RETARD!

The Blake-Ruutu fight, Blake landed a good left on the first punch of the fight, but Ruutu put Blake on his ass with a right hook to end the fight.

What pisses me off is that as soon as something in a Canucks game happens, the Canucks forum at goes down because they cant handle the traffic.

This could degenrate into a Flyer-Sen game... already four fights in the first.