Monday, May 10.....

Monday, May 10 is going to be a special night. We are going to
have a short instructional training session and then an open mat
period for all Harris International instructors and students. The
training will begin at 7:30pm.

So, if you train with Preston, Darby, Mark Willhelm, Don, Jeff,
Michio, Matt, Darin, Luke or any of the other local Harris
International Grappling Instructors, come on by between 7:30pm
and 8pm. I will show a few moves and then we will grapple! It is
sure to be fun!!!

Make sure you take the next morning off from work or at least call
in late because we will probably be grappling until the wee hours
of the morning.

Additionally, I will also have a sale on my instructional videos at
that time!

Roy Harris