Monday Night BBQ (Fags Only)

I haven’t decided what it’s going on yet tomorrow but I’m leaning towards shrimp skewers. Really the most time-consuming part of the sauce is roasting the garlic. That’s why whenever I make it I make sure to make a few cups. Sounds like you had it before so perhaps you could tell some of these gentlemen here how fuckingawesome it is!


No one spackle of montreal…

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Hell yeah!! Thank you for the pics too, I know they were up above but I’m slow at this.

Must be something in the air. I’m trying to do bacon wrapped garlic shrimp for my pics this weekend, have a lot going on but need to throw some meat in here before I’m tossed for not bringing any meat.

Absolute understatement in my opinion!


Not a ton of pics at the top of the smoke session, but here is a crosscut of the country ribs.

Had to leave the grill to my wife as we had an impromptu wrestling tournament.

Pork shoulder steaks getting ready to turn into burnt ends.

2 first round pins to take 1st in his age group


she HINDERED via Montreal Stake Spice riiiight ???


Great food, great wins. In wrestling their periods buddy! Congrats! Keep feeding that champ protien homie. Based on how delicious it looks he will have no problem eating lots of it


I think you are confusing wrestling with hockey

Also it’s “they’re”

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Tried something new.

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He gives you, your food and your son nice compliments. You respond like that.

Something tells me you’d be a lot of fun at parties.


Oh I’m sorry. I didn’t take the internet seriously enough today for you.

I took it as a joke. Maybe he intended it as so. Maybe not.

I also fired back with a joke. I don’t really think he confused wrestling with Hockey

I too, hope he doesn’t take it seriously.

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also @HYBRID_JON is the “Bane” of wrestling… you and your son have merely adopted the wrestling



No worries. People can get better, I have faith in ya son :heart:

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this is also Jons cat


Just turned on the pfl what thread are you watching it in my friend?

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I actually used to have a 32 lb Maine Coon but he’s in cat heaven now

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No Im not, and no it isnt… Wrestling is the one that men do, and hockey is the one that people play.

just turned it on too… not in a thread yet … just talking some shit in BarBQ Fags thread & some others :slight_smile:

your boy is fighting tonight right ?

If you find a PFL thread , hook me up

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Look at Holyfield looking trim and fit at the pfl next to Florian!

thats a big fuzzy good boy … RIP

Screenshot 2022-06-24 at 19-16-51 2022 PFL Regular Season Featherweights & Heavyweights