Monday Night Raw

how was HIAC last night??? Anything special I miss?

First for Lana

The Cesaro vs Ziggler match was MOTN they put on a good show

Bray came back and cost Ambrose the match it looked cool but I didn't like the finish at least the promos will be good between the 2

Cena will be facing brock again after both Cena and Orton kicked out of each others finishers more times then I can count Phone Post 3.0

Orton face turn tonight during Rollins Vs Cena? Phone Post

is Bray still with the family?

He was solo last night. More pumped for Harper to return than Bray. Phone Post 3.0

Wyatt/Ambrose should be cool. But yea I'm really intrigued to see what Harper is gonna be up to.

I liked last nights ppv overall. Ambrose and Rollins did well for a PG HIAC, Orton/Cena did their usual thing, Ziggler/Cesaro was as good as expected and Mizdow stole the show as he always does. Worth my 9.99 Phone Post 3.0



27/4 unlimited access what're you gonna pay blah blah blah blah?

weeeeer weeeeer weeeeer

(HHH says something)


Commercial sounds like it's from 1999
NINE NINETY NINE! Phone Post 3.0


the islander -

First for Lana

I ain't never gonna question you partner. I ain't never gonna question you. Phone Post 3.0

I love how sad Henry and Big Show are about losing to Rusev. I can't think of Big Show anymore without thinking of him crying his eyes out about god knows what. Phone Post 3.0

Uso out Uso out

How much cocaine is Orton on? Phone Post 3.0

Orton is more interesting right now then he has been in years, that was awesome. Phone Post 3.0

Yes! That was awesome! Phone Post 3.0

I love anti hero orton Phone Post 3.0

Omg yes Rollins sold the shit out of that Rko Phone Post 3.0

I enjoyed Orton there. He didn't have to talk all slow and viper like and overthink what he was saying. Phone Post 3.0