Mondayshifters- clock in

Meetings all fucking day

Construction team (minor lab renovation)

Technical team meeting

Company manager meeting

Career path development meeting

Meating the wife Phone Post 3.0

I've got Mondays off. I think people I work with secretly hate me for it. 

Should be a lax day for me.

Going to straighten up and organize my desk, go through some emails... Clock out around 3. Phone Post 3.0

I already got over my big hurdle, my weekly face-to-face with my boss, who is a right cunt.

Fortunately, she flipped the fuck out on me last Monday, screaming about something she was completely wrong about. And, every time she crosses that line into irrational bitch behavior, she winds up being on her best behavior for a week or two. So, today, she was all, "Oh yes. Very good. Sounds like you've got a handle on all of it. Good job, Will."

Whatever. I need the monies.