Money ?? for TUF 4

OK, first off, I really like the concept of getting veterans that most of us will know to be on TUF 4 and get a chance at a title (even though this seems like another way for the UFC to attempt to prevent Lindland at his title shot - making him fight 2 or 3 more times).

My question is, since these guys are already professionals, you know they won't fight for nothing or the $5,000 bonus for stopping their opponent.

Will these fighters be paid premium money to fight on this show? If not, is sounds like a bad situation for some of these guys. Imagine if Lindland goes on the show, fights for $5,000 and loses. It is going to cost him so much more.

Just curious to thought or rumors that people have about the money situation behind the show.

A very valid question.



i think its a stupid idea anyway but a good question

the money is good. its worth it just to go on there and lose your first
fight. in addition to the publicity, they'll be making more money than if
they were fighting on "regular" shows.