Money to be made...

I know a guy making just under 4,000 a month using this system. That's just from commissions. That doesn't include his own trading account...

Hey MLJdefense,

Nope, it's not a scam, checked it out myself.

How is the prepaidlegal working out? I heard it's also good to get into.

One of the guys from the site I mentioned said his account is up 76% or 78% (can't remember which one) since last November.

You can also watch a video at

Has a 15 day money back guarantee...

I looked into prepaid legal a little while back, but they guy that was recruiting me would never really tell me what he did on a daily basis. Sounded kind of fishy. If it's working out for you, then congrats.

MLM is not a scam. Go to to get the facts about the industry and legal questions. The problem with the industry is that there is too much over promising and under deliverying to distributors. The FTC just proposed new rules to tighten up the laws with ALL business opportunities. It might take a few years to work out the details but things are going to be very different in the future.

As for Prepaid Legal, they are a good MLM (if that business model fits you). The trade on the NYSE. You can get all kinds of information about them. My only criticism is that the recruiting seems to get more attention that the sale of their services. I am always cautious when the product or services doesn't compromise most of the sales. It seems like the opportunity sellers continue to give the industry a black eye.


 I have a business associates who makes over $300K per month in MLM.  I do all the business and accounting work so I know it is true.  He is a distributor for a company that markets a nutritional product.  All their meetings are about the product and research behind it.  Unlike most MLM companies, over 80% of their sales are to consumers on an auto reorder that are NOT distributors for the company.  

 I actually understand why you and so many others hate the industry and are so critical of it.  In reality, almost the entire industry can be characterized by over promise, under deliver.  However, as with most generalizations, not everyone in the industry is a crook or a scam.  

Gordon Hester

Gordon, welcome back.


 I actually know a number of multi millionaires who made their money as distributors in MLM.  You are right, they are a HUGE exception.  MLM is a great business for small time entrepreneurs who don't have a lot of money.  For some of those their experiences turn into fortunes.  Bill Gates and Warren Buffett are billionaires in business which too is an exception.  Does them being an exception means that business is equally a scam?

  My point is that generalizations are never correct.  People need to do their homework and make intelligent decisions.  MLM is filled with false promises.  So are Corporate America and every other business opportunity.  I never encourage people to attack any industry or opportunity.  I always encourage them to get enough education and information to make an educated decision on what is best for them.


 I am not an MLM distributor.  I made my fortune in the financial world.  I have done lots of business and financial trainings for small entrepreneurs.  Most of my teaching has been on relationships, time management and financial management geared toward helping people get more momentum in their businesses.  It isn't about MLM and I don't market any business opportunities.  

 I would tell kids and adults the same thing - get educated enough to make a good decision about ANY business opportunity.  I try to be fair and open about all opportunities and all people.  I don't know what you shared with people but I applaud you if you made a positive difference.  I am not sure why you attack me for keeping an open mind.  In the end, there are great opportunities and bad opportunities (and people) in all areas of life.  What I preach to people is about making good choices.

  Ironcially, I am a huge critic of much of the MLM industry.  That being said, I have also seen the good in it.  Not everyone is a crook and many people do well selling products, not business opportunities.  

  Anyway, I am not looking for a fight or giving anyone bad advice.  You obviously don't know me that well if you think I would have any intention to harm anyone.  I have never gotten ahead by taking advantage of others.  I would never support an industry or person who operated with such an intent.  That being said, if you feel that way about me, I respect you are entitled to your opinion.  

Much success to you in the future.

Gordon Hester


Every has their own opinions. My capture page is I signed up and I've already made $300 in the last ten days. Is that a lot? Well, for me no, but I'm not in it for $300. I'm in for the long haul. I haven't even been in it for two weeks and my downline is growing at a fast rate. It's going to grow quite a bit within the next 30 days.

My friend that got me into this and I are working hard on recruiting the right people for our organization. We are looking for serious "go-getters" with business/marketing experience.

Again, this isn't for everybody...

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How have you been?

I have been doing great. Thank you for asking. Life as usual is busy. Business is booming. My family is awesome. I have my health and tons of great friends. All in all I would say I am living a blessed life. I hope to continue to achieve and contribute at a high level the rest of my life. I believe my best days are ahead of me which makes everyday exciting to live. BTW, congratulations on your initial success. I hope your business opportunity turns out to be a great success.


i was interested in mlm a while back and looked into it a bit and got disillusioned by articles/arguments similar to those above. could you mention/e-mail any mlm companies that you believe to be good companies w/ good products? perhpas the ones your friends are working with? the website link you provided earlier has mlm companies on their site, would you consider all of those legit? thanks.

Great to hear from you Gordon.


"We are looking for serious "go-getters" with business/marketing experience."
You mean you're looking for anyone desperate enough to buy into this crap." it means I'm looking to work with people who are motivated and have business and marketing experience. Do you think I want the opposite?

I'm looking for a team of guys, not just for this project but for others that my friend and I are also working on.

Will this company work out for us? I believe so. I will continue to work hard at it. I'll even post once a month how I'm doing with it.

"almost all mlm is a blatant scam that teaches these kids to be annoying leaches on their friends, family, and anyone that will listen to them."

This has been my experience with it. My friend is in a MLM and when he tried to pitch me to join. They try to make it look like how it can benfit you, but it's so obvious that it's about how I could make HIM money by being in his downline.

It was not product driven.

So sad.


I can see where people get that from.

Back around 10 years ago I was involved in a few different companies... Amway, some vitamin company (can't even remember the name) and Primerica.

With Amway I found it took forever to get my cheques from my "upline". Also I found a lot of their products were overpriced.

The vitamin stuff, well, who wants to buy vitamins all the time.

Primerica often gets "bashed" on here, but it wasis a good company. The offered some good products at good prices. The negative side about that business is that recruit anybody and everybody. That is great from the recruiting standpoint, but as a customer do you really feel comfortable taking financial advice from somebody that just joined the company and has no experience with investing? That's the only problem I really found. The guy that got me into Primerica (quite a few years ago) is now probaby making 60-70,000 a year now. He has worked hard over the many years. Obviously the first few years were probably a financial strain, but his wife was working.

I've looked at many other opportunties over the years, but have not got involved with another company until now.

What I like about it, cheques come directly from the company, great upline support, great product and great company support. The company isn't saturated because it's still in the strong growing faze.

What happens if somebody who gets in is never able to recruit anybody? I don't really consider that a problem. Using the product has shown returns averaging 7-10% per month. I don't think you are going to see too many unhappy people with that product.


  The defining factor to determine a good MLM company is the % of their total sales that are to final consumers that are not distributors.  In other words, the opportunity is about the product, not the business pitch.  I would be cautious of anyone who pitched me on an opportunity before I was a satisfied customer of their product.  Even then only about 1 in 10 satisfied products might be good future distributors.  Many of them simple do enough business to get their product for free.

  The recruiters who will do and say anything to get paid are too much a part of the industry.  At least now there are some companies that have more a direct sales (sale of a product to a final consumer) with a MLM compensation plan.  

  I am not familiar with all the companies.  However, I know that NSA and Unicity have one main product that emcompasses a large majority of their sales.  NSA markets a product called Juice Plus.  It is the most researched neutropheutical product in the history of nutritional products.  Look them up and you can review their research.  Unicity's main product also has lots of testing to support its value.  There product is a non staten product that lowers cholestrol.  I tend to like products with legitimate research because I don't believe anything with out it.

FCM, thanks for the welcome back. I hope life is treating you well these days.

Adonis, many of the successful people I know in the industry do a ton of training teaching others. In reality, most of their success comes from helping others market products and build their businesses. I don't know any of them that post on forums. BTW, no big deal about having different opinions. As I said before, I understand why you and others have so many negative perceptions of MLM.


Thank you for taking the time to type that out for a complete stranger. much appreciated and will be reading up on the recommendations you made.


How do you figure it's a scam? I'm curious... you make a statement, but can you back it up? Obviously you haven't done any research with it.

Best of luck with what you are doing though. To each his own.