Mongolian Grappling (vid)

Pretty cool vid.

These guys are strong !

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Wrestling just lost the much coveted 'Gayest Uniform' award.

It's interesting: some sequences look like freestyle wrestling, some look like judo, and still others look like Corean Ssireum.


Sumo with long sleve bras.

What are the rules for Mongolian Wrestling?

cool vid

Rickson by arm bar

a few cool moves.

some gross costumes

Wrestling just lost the much coveted 'Gayest Uniform' award.


Those outfits should be manditory in MMA

As a student of both judo and jiu-jitsu I am trying to respect and appreciate other forms of grappling but Mongolian and Turkish wrestling are gayer than tiny flower shaped soaps in the bathroom that are strictly for display.


Any part of the body touches the ground but the feet = down.

wtf was the ref wearing?

Now Mayhem has a idea for his next entrance get

I guess in the end all sports focus on the same thing:



trying to show off in front of chicks


It looks like a combo of greco and Judo. Seemed like the match was over if they were thrown. It also seems if you had a camera 250 years ago you'd see the same exact thing.

Yikes, I don't see how man-panties, leather boots, and a pair of sleeves constitutes an outfit. HTF did that become their uniform? I would really like to know.

it is called Boke, dates back about 1,000 yrs - there are two main forms (outer and inner Mongolian styles).  in Inner style, you can't grab your opponent's legs with your hands/arms.

> I saw something on this type of wrestling once. The lineage of sumo leads back to Mongolian wrestling hence the reason they are similar. While the Mongols were dominating the world someone brought this style of wrestling to Japan and it evolved into sumo(the Mongolian invasion of Japan was a failure so it wasn't passed through conquer).

Sumo is actually documented earlier (some evidence points to 300s, but certainly was an imperial court event by the 700s) than the rise of the Mongol empire (early 1200s) and its influences.  The unsuccessful Mongol invasion attempts were twice in the late 1200s.