Monica Bellucci

It was a little bizarre for me, to see Monica Bellucci as Mary Magdalene, considering that the only other time I've seen her in a movie was as a very topless vampire bride, in Bram Stoker's Dracula.She did a good job, though.

she's a very attractive woman as well :)

She'a not bad in The Matrix, either.

When did she play Mary? In the Passion?

i was a little put off by it too, but she did a good job

I wasn't put off by it, but it still made me feel funny from time to time--you know, I've been lusting after the woman who plays Mary Magdalene.I forgot about the Matrix--probably because it was one of the lamest flicks I've ever seen (aside from her being in it).

Check out Malena if you want to lust after her some more.

Seeing her in "Tears Of The Sun" makes her role as Mary Magdalene more believable. A prostitute wouldn't be an ugly woman.