Monitor recomendation...

Ok, so right now I'm running a dual monitor setup with a nice LCD and a crappy CRT. I'd like to upgrade the CRT, bascially 100% for gaming.

What would you guys recomend? I'm thinking either 19 or 21 inch, and remember that it is for gaming - DOOM3 mainly.


Doom3? is that out already? my god, I haven't played Doom in like 8 years.

DOOM3 is coming out later on this summer, and I've been waiting HARD for it, which is why I'm going to make sure I gear up properly for it. I'm checking out some 21" monitors now..This screenshot is in-game, by the way...

awesome! I wonder what the minimum requirements are for the game to run smoothly. looks like a memory sucker.

How about this one?? Any comments?

That's true, and I would avoid it if at all possible, but where do I go for a monitor like that? They don't have it at Best Buy as far as I can tell..