Monkey @ America Golden Cup

I´m proud to tell our teammates that Monkey took second (-61Kg purple belt) yesterday at 1st America Golden Cup BJJ Open (Rio de Janeiro/Brazil). He had four fights, submited the first in 30 seconds, the second by points, triangle the third and lost by points at the final.
We brought 6 competitors and...: Monkey (silver), Rosangela (gold) and Douglas da Silva (silver).
Ronald, Roberto Carlos and Jeremy lost their fights, but with good performance.
The tournament was high BJJ level and more then 800 competitors did participated.
Let´sw go train,

Take care

Sylvio Behring

Very nice!


Congrats Monkey!


Boa Monkey.






Go Monkey!

good job monkey

Congrats Monkey!!!!

Video interview with Prof.Behring and the Monkey!

Awesome work Monkey! Congrats to Jeremy too; he always gives his opponents hell!

Congrats monkey.

Congrats Monkey & Jeremy, keep up the good work guys !!!!!!

Thanks for the info professor ... but why does Douglas have his eyes closed during the TV interview ???



Great work Monkey! Shah Franco's rules.

Lets see that cat back in MMA!

Loaf proud of little monkey!

Good job Monkey ...


Good work!

way to be monkey!!!!!!!

sylvio i tried to send you mail about me visiting europe im trying to find if there are any affiliated clubs in that part of the world im visiting

thanks alot