Monkey Mount?

Can someone explain what this is? Loved the Bravo seminar, but he didn't mention it.




One of his students showed it to me this past weekend. Its provides really great control and mobility in my opinion and very difficult reverse out of. Its hard to describe and I'm sure only Eddie can give the proper instruction on it.

Basically, its the mount with your feet off the mat and onto your opponents stomach/thigh/hip area. I don't recall the details of it yet, I was still trying to get a hang of the rubber guard at the time. One foot is in a position where it seems like your pushing off their upper thigh/hip area and the other foot goes next to this foot but with the top of the foot resting on your opponents hip area.

This is a really bad explanation of it. Lets hope Eddie clarifies.

I remember once someone mounted me and had high butterfly hooks in while ontop, Im guessing that was the monkey mount

Spooky, you're close, but its a variation of that mount. I guess one would be a butterfly hook at the stomach area, while the other is lying on his stomach with the innerblade on his hip area .

That mount by the way with the butterfly hooks was in the Inside the Lion's Den book. I used it a few times.

hmmm, ive having alot of trouble picturing it. Do you know of any pics online?

Interesting. I think I can visualize. What moves did he show, and how are they assisted by this position?



i don't have a picture, sorry.

The move the guy taught me was a triangle from the mount. With one hand he straightens out the opponents arm flat on the ground and then cinched his way up for the triangle. I wish I really knew more, I'll ask him a ton of questions about it this Saturday when we train. He told me he'll go over it in more detail.

That sounds like the move he showed in this month's Grappling magazine. It looked to me like he started in a regular mount.