Monkey numbers closed!!

from Mayhems myspace:

Sunday, June 03, 2007


If you completed the last homework, and recieved a number, congrats, but numbers are now closed. No more entries into the upper echelon of the cult. I've noticed a lot of strip of dooms (tm) popping up everywhere, and I'd like to let everyone in the cult know that using the strip of doom (tm) is perfectly acceptable, as long as you need laser-like focus, in any variety of situations- be it working the frier at Burger King, or building interplanetary space-craft at NASA. Also, the way we end and internet conversation is "word=born" unless you are excited, in which case it is the formal "WORD=BORN"



ps, the crack team of type-writing monkeys (me) will catch up with the numbers, and leave a comment, for those who completed homework.

I r teh # five seven quad.

three ten


ttt from #141