Monkeys shouldn't have guns!

I was watching dawn of the planet of the apes with my parents, when my mum proclaimed.
Monkeys shouldn't have guns.
I've bin laughing at it ever since, anyone remember stupidly obvious statements while watching films? Phone Post 3.0

You should have slapped her and said they were apes not monkeys.

Your mom is a species-ist.

Not what I had in mind when I opened this thread. Think ive been on the OG too long.

She's right. Guns are noting to monkey with.

Fist her ass. Phone Post 3.0

Pics of your mom? Phone Post 3.0

Outlaw'd by Lytle - Fist her ass. Phone Post 3.0
I guess I never thought of it like that, maybe fisting my mums ass after she blurts out stupid shit is the way to go. Phone Post 3.0

Your mother sounds dumb as fuck. What's her number?