Monson & Hallman Win!

Jeff Monson & Dennis Hallman both competed this past weekend in Grapplemania and won!

Jeff defeated James Foster in a Superfight with a rear naked.

Dennis won the advanced division for his weight class.

Congrats - Great job guys!

American Top Team

Monson must be the busiest man on the combative sports circuit.


Monson is on fire!

congrats to Jeff and Superman!


Big Surprise. =)

TTT for Jeff and the guys at the ATT.

Hope to see you guys back here soon

Hallman beat the same guy twice by RNC. The guy went to the loser bracket and won...then had to face Dennis again.

Monson's opponent (James Foster) was HUGE! Easily 6'4" or better and undoubtedly heavier than Jeff (5'9" at most).

I have all three matches on video and hope to get them up on as soon as possible.

Last Call

GREAt job!

Yeah ATT is always killin' it!  They need a school in California though!



Here's some pics I took @ Grapplemania:

Monson is an animal. See him next at the NE Grappling Challenge III on Saturday, February 12 in Ithaca, NY.

Congrats to superman and snowman

Yea, I'm 6'4, not sure how much Jeff weighs these days, I'm 240. Hey, nobody is mentioning that I took him down, I wants me some props for that, hehehe. Don't want to just be the guy that got tapped! All jokes aside, Jeff is an awesome guy and I appreciate the shot and look forward to a rematch in the future.

Props for taking on the snowman,he's becoming one of the best submission grapplers out there.

For sure. He's also got something you can't train for, experience. I'd love to know how he mentally prepares for his fights and how he keeps from getting that adrenaline dump that makes it so you can't move or think. Not a fun feeling!

congrats to both guys!


Stealth Monkey,

You answered your own experience about the adrenaline dump-EXPERIENCE.

That and learning to become EXTEREMELY aware of your own breathing-when you hold your breath,how long you hold it for,how long/sharply you exhaled,how slow/deeply you inhale.

Basically learning to slow yourself down-not going at that 2 minute "wrestling pace" or going at that 2 minute "wrestling pace" and then sliding into a 5 minute grappling pace.

It almost pains me to say this but maybe some gi training might help slow you down AND your breathing?