Monson out of ADCC, out of GFC?

I heard he pulled out of the ADCC, does this mean he's out of the GFC?

why would it mean that?

I'm wondering if the entent of the injury is serious or not. As in, torn ligaments, broken bones, etc.

Also, perhaps because the GFC event is next Saturday... And if he has an injury keeping him out of the ADCC this weekend, what makes you think he'll be fine next weekend.

gfc is not next saturday its the 19th.

Have they named a replacement for Monson?

Monson is still fighting in the GFC.

And people wonder why exclusive contracts exist.

If true, good thing they didn't choose him for the super fight.


wow that sucks ass

Monsons picture is still on the GFC card poster.

Was told tonight on the radio show that Monson is out of the Sims fight!

WHO said Monson was out on the radio show?? Thats the ???

Spoke with Monson last night he will be just fine. He is ready to go and excited about the event.

All rumors.