Monson Speaks Out About Arnolds !!

Yeah, real classy to take down the ref. What an asshole.

"Man, I hope you post on here more often Wade. That's some funny shit..."

Wade is the best! I always go straight to Wade Rome threads - they are the most entertaining threads by far! Wade is undefeated in internet battle! He has too much raw aggression and wit to be beaten! :)

It was a nice post by Monson. Too bad he got screwed over. Monson would have probably beaten Pe de Pano again for sure.


Here is what i have to say on it.


I think you're right Marcos...

Looks like he can damage people physically and verbally. Gotta respect that.

TTT for Wade and Jeff.

Jeff is a man among men and a great guy.

Wade is hilarious.

Nice post Wade!

The only reason I editted it, is because one big paragraph is hard to read.

"i wish instead that i punched relson right in his lying mouth."

Ahh Remember what happend to the last man who took it apon himself to but his hands on a Gracie he got his ass kicked at a bar in France.

The Gracies Roll DEEP!

I'm going to have to go ahead and agree with whitebelt here - Monson seems like he has a legitimate beef with the way his match with Pe De Pano went, but why go after the ref?

Didn't almost everyone here just crucify Baroni for hitting Landless after he was upset with the outcome of his fight with Tanner? Not any different IMO, both were both unprovoked attacks against officials who shouldn't have to worry about professional athletes conducting themselves in such a manner.

Did he pound on him? No he tackled him, was it the best thing to do, probably not but I think it was more to make sure he had his attention than to hurt him. I had forgotten that part when I posted about him being all class.

If you were Pe De pano would you be proud of the victory? I know I wouldn't.

"i wish instead that i punched relson right in his lying mouth."

Ahh Remember what happend to the last man who took it apon himself to but his hands on a Gracie he got his ass kicked at a bar in France.

The Gracies Roll DEEP!

- please.

With this story and the story of the Relson/Enson + Egan beef, he doesnt sound like a swell guy in my eyes.

if the ref said he thought it should be restarted and Relson overroad him, why blame the ref, he could do nothing like everyone else.

My main point about this whole thing is the use of the canopenner at all.... either allow it, or dont.

but dont do some half ass you can use it halfway crap. if ya cant use it to finish you shouldnt be allowed to use it at all ... if you can use it, then you should be able to use it all the way.

Thats what i think was the cause of this whole thing on a core level

"on an related note, as jeff tackled dalla, he literally took 8+ people with him, so in a tournament setting (as it was), he should have been awarded 16+ points for that alone"


ttt for Monson

Jeff- I think the ref should have told you as you grabbed for Pe De Pano's neck to not can opener because it is illegal. It took a while before the tap came, he should have been on the ball. You were told can openers were legal they were wrong. Even if it was Relson, they did have a rules video & the rules on line, refer to those.

To say Relson is money grubbing isn't a good description. I saw Relson give a women her money back, I know LOTS OF tournaments that would do this only when hell freezes over. How many thousands were up for grabs @ the event? At least $11000.00 for the competitors? I know the event has much room for improvement I know lots of events that charge as much as the Arnolds, & don't have the event with bad ass fitness expos. People don't really make $ killings at tournaments specailly if you are doing it some where as expensive as the Columbus Convention Center, you have to split the $ with a co-promoter ect. How many tournaments have checks that bounce? How much money have you won from the two times @ the Arnolds?

Do you really think Relson likes using a smaller room than the one they took away from him? Maybe if everyone that complained about the lack of room would bring it up the the Expo staff. we would get some where.

Relson was not the ref, the ref @ Jiu-Jitsu tournaments have the final call over the results of a match. I have seen & been robbed of wins even @ the Worlds, Pan-Ams & many American tournaments. I saw more bad calls @ the Worlds than the Arnolds. It is typically not the tournament directors place to question a ref. Maybe this should be changed.

I think their is lots of room for improvement for the Arnolds. I think you over reacted by attacking the ref, but I am also glad no charges where brought against you and you know it wasn't really the best thing to do.

You should thank Relson because him & I took the camera tripod away from Soneca when he was coming back after you for round two while you were grabbed by everyone.

I think the women's table tennis should stay in the little room & the grappling should be somewhere that has more room. This years Arnolds had 1300 competitors. Next year it is going to just be larger no matter how many people bad mouth it. This is a fact. For the good of the sport I think people should drop a line to the Expo staff about the lack of room. I also think you should drop a line about Relson to the staff if feel that strongly about it. I think this would be the best way to get results.

This is the kind of stuff I left Relson's team to begin with.

I have been writing a book on all of this sort of stuff, (that I already knew). I am about 3/4 finished now.

I have been around Jeff a few times and he won my event the "Bud World Cup" and I thought he was all around, a swell guy. But I don't know him but he has carried himself well in my encounters with him. I do hope to see more and more competitors there each year, Statue and I will continue to make it better.

Joe Hurst

Anyone who condones Monson attacking Dalla is an f'ing idiot. Monson himself pointed out that it was Relson, not Dalla, who had final say on the outcome. "relson held the power to make the decisions not pe de pano or anyone else." Monson should be thanking Dalla for not pressing charges.

I have a lot of respect for ATT. I have gone on record a number of times sending love to that team for their contributions, and level of professionalism.

That being said, I can not condone Monson's attack on the ref. From all accounts people say he is a real nice guy. And I believe it to be true. But he has a history (on more than one occasion) of losing his temper when situations get heated. Taking a swing at Arona during ADCC finals because Arona was slapping his neck hard, taking off his clothes at the ADCC, and attacking a ref. This is not the way a competitor should act, especially one that is a professional and is a public figure to people who are getting introduced to the sport (kids included).

The fact that he is remorseful is nice. But I think it would be more appreciated if he would stop apologizing and not over-react in the future.

That being said, his actions should not reflect on the rest of the ATT. I am sure Mr. Monson is a well intentioned and nice person. But he needs to get a grip on his temper. Just my two cents.

Omaplata- ATT Fan

I didn't entice anyone, nor did I rip off any one. the only impressive things I did this weekend was Armbar a really bad ass Black Belt & eat a huge pre fight dinner. I saw lots of people that didn't feel ripped off, & were coming back. I also saw lots of room for improvement & have already talk to Relson about some.

But did he get awarded the take down on the ref?