Monson Wins Pan Am No-Gi Tourny!!!

Congrats to Jeff Monson on winning the Pan Am No-Gi tournament!

Jeff won his weight division and the Absolute division, choking out Cameron Earle in the semi-finals and beating Bill Cooper in the finals.

Tremendous job by Jeff.

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No, he beat Cameron in the Semis by sub, he beat Bill 'The Grill' in the finals 4-0. Monson beat Jeff Glover 2-0 as well prior to the Earle match.

Great tournie, some great fights as well, esp in the advanced lightweights.

Congrats Jeff,

Anyone know how any of the Gracie kids did?

JSho- Thanks for the correction. I will edit my inital post.

hitman007- Heard Ryron and Rener were in the finals together with Ryron winning by triangle.

Congrats to all the competitors.

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ANOTHER win???...damn....Congrats to the hardest working grappler

"Jeff won his weight division and the Absolute division, choking out Cameron Earle"

WOW!!! That is impressive in itself!

i guess this was an open weight tournament? lol @ that monster monson going against two 140lbers

All Jeff Monson does is win everything he takes part in. He's not human.

Congrats Jeff!!!

Rener vs. Ryron in the Finals?

WORK!!! =)


TTT for Jeff Monson.

What a guy

Renner and Ryron could not have met in the finals, Brian Sargeant beat Renner rd.1 2-0.

He is on the Mother of ALL Rolls!

NOCOLON- You might be right. I saw on another website where it said they competed against each other in the finals. Sorry for any confusion if they did not compete against each other.

Jeff Monson won a grappling Trny? That's highly unusual ;)

Congrats on yet another win!!!

Monson won all three matches in his division, beating Jocko from Dean
Lister's in OT in the first match (and Jocko is every bit as strong as
Monson is, but this was his first match after returning from a tour in
Iraq). He beat Jeff Glover, Cameron Earle and Bill Cooper in the
absolute. You can tell he was having fun with Glover and Cooper and
was trying to not hurt them (even pulling guard on Cooper). Earle was
a bit more of a battle, but he got the neck crank on him. Cam thought
is was 50/50 to get out actually, but didn't want to risk an injury as
Monson is STRONG). Cam did get two submissions in the tournament,
including a leglock that no one has ever seen before (including

Ralek lost in the 199 and under to Sergant from dean Listers by

Rener flying armlocked Lance Campbell and beat Mike Rose 4-2.

Ryron submitted two, including Denis Gomes by footlock. Rener and
Ryron met in the finals and went at it! Rener was up on points but
Ryron got the tapout (by triangle). Gracie Academy students did well
competing without the gi and were all very good sports. (Check out
their own tournament at

Cool, thanks for the info Gumby!

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OK, sorry- got renner and ralek confused, they look the same.

A link to a site with full results would be appreciated.