Monson Wins U.S. Grappling World Team Trials

Actually I misspoke he is 5'9" according to Sherdog. I am 5'8" and considered pretty jacked at 195. How does a guy get to 275?

 thats alot of steak and chicken

24-8 is a respectable record. He is just too short to fight at HW. Also I think his mass hurts his speed. If he slimmed down a bit and fought strictly at LHW he be very competitive. I think Jeff could run through many of the LHW aside from Machida, Chack, Forrest and Rua. I think he would hand Rashad his ass. I think he could probably take out Forrest as well.

Anyone have full results? THANKS!


not 275 at all. has full results

Congrats Jeff! You're a beast!